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Practical Driving Test Booking Procedure

You have 3 options for booking this heavy vehicle practical driving test:-

  • Preferred Method is to collect the booking fee from you when you come for your lessons or when booking a course. We can then book your test for you without delay. This fee covers the cost of the examiner on the day of your practical driving test the licence will be re-issued with the existing expiry date. (You will only have to pay for a new licence if coincidentally your licence is actually due for renewal). This fee does not cover the use of our vehicle and trainer on the day for your warm up drive and test.

  • Alternatively When you are undertaking your Road Rules Knowledge test at Department of Transport and Main Roads you can pay your test booking fee. These "funds" will then sit in BDS account as a credit. We can pick up this "credit" when we enter your driving licence number into the Department of Transport and Main Roads booking system and apply it to a test time on your behalf. We prefer that customers only pay their booking fee, as opposed to actually booking a driving test, as the truck may not be free for the test time Queensland Transport allocates to you. Booking fees can only be paid at a Department of Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centre. They cannot be done over the telephone or internet.

  • If you do wish to book your test yourself, please be aware that we may have to re-schedule this test for you if the truck is not available at your allotted time. Please note that if you have booked your own test, we will need your BRN (Booking Reference Number) and the time of the test to ensure the truck is free at that time.

Understanding Your Licence


Before commencing your training ensure that you are eligible to obtain the licence that you want to i.e. held your licence for the pre-requisite times, plus no current suspensions or problems with your licence.

For MR must of held an open or provisional car licence for a continuous period of 12 months
For HR must of held an open or provisional car licence for a continuous period of 2 years or more.
For HC must of held a MR or HR Licence for a continuous period of 12 months.
For MC must of held HR or HC for a continuous period of 12 months.

Eligibility can be affected by loss of licence, outstanding fines and medical conditions.
If you have recently moved here from Interstate and changed your licence over to a Queensland Licence, the Department of Transport and Main Roads may have transferred your licence across without transferring your driving history. Therefore, when it comes time for us to book your practical driving test, it will appear on the computerised booking system that you have not held a licence for the required length of time to be eligible to undertake the practical driving test.

This is not a problem - providing there are no actual issues with your licence, it is simply an administrative process. It is just a matter of you authorising the Department of Transport and Main Roads to fax away to the State Traffic Authority that you came from to get your history updated. This process normally takes approximately 48 hours. After this has been done, we will be able to book in your test.

If you held an overseas licence you will need to provide Department of Transport and Main Roads with a copy and possibly a translation to determine what class of licence you are allowed to undertake.

Medical Conditions

If you hold a Queensland driver licence, you are required to report any long term or permanent medical condition, or any change to an existing medical condition, which is likely to adversely affect your ability to drive safely to the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Failure to notify the department carries a maximum penalty of $6,000 and cancellation of your driver licence.

Sometimes you may have a medical condition that does not affect the class of licence that you currently hold but it may be relative to the licence that you want to obtain. You do not want to complete a course of training for a road ranger gearbox only to find out that you are not eligible due to a medical condition. If you have any concerns whatsoever about a medical condition that you have such as diabetes, epilepsy etc. we advise that you speak with your doctor or directly with someone at The Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Lifting a Restriction

The Car / Truck Licence you currently hold, the truck licence you want to obtain, and the vehicle that you are using to undertake your practical driving test will all have an effect on each other when making a decision on what heavy vehicle licence you want to end up with. At this time you also need to consider if you have any gearbox restrictions on your licence that you want to lift i.e. B condition , etc.
If you want to "lift" the gearbox restriction on the Licence that you currently hold, then you have to use a vehicle with the gearbox type that you want to drive to undertake your training and assessment. For example, if you currently hold a MR with a B condition then you would need to use a truck with a road ranger gearbox (non synchromesh) to undertake your practical driving test and thus lift the restriction to get an Open Licence.


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