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TLIC4006A Drive Multi-Combination Vehicle
Multi Combination The vehicle I want to drive
Multi Combination
Rigid Number of Axles GVM

3 or more

Any towed trailer
with GVM of more
than 9 tonnes

Trainee Requirements for this Course

  • You must hold a current Qld HR or HC licence
  • Whilst you can undertake MC Training at any time after obtaining a HR or HC Licence, The Department of Transport and Main Roads will not issue you with an MC Licence until you have held your HR or HC for a continuous period of 12 months
  • If you are upgrading from a HR licence you will be required to do an "in house" driving assessment in a HC vehicle before progressing on to the assessment
  • If you are upgrading from a HC licence but have not driven a HC for some time then you may require some refreshing training in a HC vehicle before progressing on to the MC Assessment
  • If you need to lift a gearbox restriction off your licence to obtain an open licence, then there maybe additional costs depending on your driving ability and how you progress through your training.

Course Information:

  1. We run courses on a regular basis – 7 days per week
  2. Theory component of the course is delivered in a classroom environment, prior to any practical driving
  3. Theory sessions normally commence at 8 am and finish mid pm
  4. The practical training is organised by arrangement with the trainee and as it is conducted on a one-to-one basis, it can be started as early as 6am
  5. You must successfully complete the formal training (theory) and the practical training before a Statement of Attainment can be issued.

Course Materials

There is no further charge for course materials i.e. workbooks and training material etc. We also provide an information booklet with details of how the course will be run, what will be covered, how to prove competency etc.

Student Handbook and Code of Practice

Phone Brisbane Driving School for a copy of our Student Handbook and Code of Practice if you would like more information on how we operate as a Registered Training Organisation, including payment terms, refunds, appeals and complaints, standards etc.


Our trainers are all Accredited Trainers and Assessors with extensive industry experience. We deliver quality, industry relative training in a friendly, low stress environment. Our training is tailor made to suit each individual's needs to achieve competency and a successful outcome.


We have a fleet of modern vehicles that allow for driver comfort and assist us in focusing on the your training

Brisbane Driving School Multi-Combination is Industry Standard with

  • Electronic Engines
  • Road Ranger gearbox (no restrictions crash gearbox)
  • Engine brakes
  • Power steering
  • ABS Brakes
  • Air-conditioning
  • Insured for driver training

Brisbane Driving School provides our students with…

  • Industry credible vehicles
  • Trainers with industry experienced (All have had extensive involvement within the Transport Industry);
  • The Driver Training vehicles have the Industry standard for Road Train.
  • Full length multi-combination vehicles 26 meters NOT 19 meters.
  • 18 Speed manual gearbox NOT automatic or synchromesh.


Assessment is competency-based, and is a combination of written assessment of knowledge and practical demonstration of skills.

Refresher Training

Refresher Training is available.
Please note that all students are different and some students may require additional training to achieve competency. We will discuss arrangements for additional training and assessment on a case by case basis.

Course Booking Procedure

Please call and we will run through some questions with you on the phone to make sure the training chosen is suitable, or alternatively you can complete the course booking form attached and email to

After the booking form has been processed, A 1 hour initial assessment lesson will be booked to check your current competency for the licence you hold and allow our Assessor the opportunity to tailor make a training plan for you, discuss any issues you may have, any gearbox restrictions that need to be lifted etc. This assessment lesson will be done approximately a week to 10 days before you commence your course.

We will issue a confirmation of your course enrolment and send your pre-course learning material together with the student hand book and code of practice (if requested). We will also take a deposit at this time.

The cost of your course does not include any extra training that may be needed to lift a gearbox restriction from your licence. If you only hold a HR or HC synchromesh licence (i.e. B restriction) meaning you have never been assessed in a crash box at HR or HC level, then if you do the MC in a synchro mesh gear box, you will get an MC licence with a B restriction. If you want an open MC you will have to be assessed (and trained if necessary) in a crash box. Brisbane Driving School can provide this training but it is an additional cost. This training will be charged at the current hourly for HR or HC non synchromesh training as required, in consultation with yourself as you progress through your course.

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Our Multi Combination Driving Course Covers:

  • Understand the theory behind the safe operation of a Multi Combination Vehicle, including OHS issues
  • Know your vehicle
  • Knowledge of the Road Laws
  • Coupling and Uncoupling of Dollies
  • Trailer Craft
  • Defensive Driving
  • Effective management of hazardous situations
  • Monitoring of traffic and road conditions
  • Reversing
  • Slow Speed Manoeuvring
  • Management of vehicle condition and performance - Fuel Efficiency and minimise emissions
  • City and Highway Driving
  • Legal Requirements
  • Axle weights
  • Load security
  • Wheels Tracking Turning and Handling
  • Fatigue Management and Work Diaries
  • Route Planning
  • Conduct a detailed pre-drive operational check and a post operational check of the Vehicle and understand the importance of these checks
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Full Theory and Practical Assessment

The SKILLS Components of the Course are:

  • Communicate effectively with others when driving a multi-combination vehicle
  • Read and interpret instructions, procedures, information and signs relevant to the driving of a multi-combination vehicle
  • Interpret and follow operational instructions and priorities work
  • Complete documentation related to the driving of a multi-combination vehicle
  • Operate electronic communication equipment to required protocol
  • Work collaboratively with others when driving a multi-combination vehicle
  • Adapt appropriately to cultural differences in the workplace, including modes of behaviour and interactions with others
  • Promptly report and/or rectify any identified problems, faults or malfunctions that may occur when driving a multi-combination vehicle in accordance with regulatory requirements and workplace procedures
  • Implement contingency plans for unexpected events when driving a multi-combination vehicle
  • Apply precautions and required action to minimise, control or eliminate hazards that may exist during the driving of a multi-combination vehicle
  • Monitor and anticipate traffic hazards and take appropriate action
  • Modify activities depending on differing operational contingencies, risk situations and environments
  • Apply fatigue management knowledge and techniques
  • Work systematically with required attention to detail without injury to self or others, or damage to goods or equipment
  • Operate and adapt to differences in equipment in accordance with standard operating procedures
  • Select and use required personal protective equipment conforming to industry and OH&S standards
  • Monitor performance of vehicle, its trailers and its equipment and take appropriate action where required
  • Service vehicle and its equipment in terms of maintenance schedule and standard operating procedures
  • Check and replenish fluids and carry out lubrication processes in the course of work activities.

Issuance of Multi Combination Licence

  • Your Statement of Attainment will be produced and issued to you following a successful outcome of competency
  • You must lodge your application for licence, in person, at any Department of Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centres with the Statement of Attainment together with your current driving licence.
  • There is no charge made by Department of Transport and Main Roads for your licence upgrade, unless your licence is due for actual renewal
  • You are not legal to drive a multi combination vehicle until this has been done.
  • If you lose or misplace your Statement of Attainment, there is a $50 administration fee for the re-issuance of a replacement copy.
  • A Multi Combination Licence will cover a heavy vehicle driver for B Double, B Triples and Road Trains.
  • It is recommended that you apply for your Multi combination Licence as soon as practically possible.

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