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Light Rigid Licence - LC
Light Rigid The vehicle I want to drive
Number of Axles Number of seats
including the driver
2 or more

More than 12 adults
including the driver

GVM not more than
8 tonnes.
Any towed trailer
must not weigh more
than 9 tonnes GVM

Light Rigid LR vehicle truck licence will allow you to drive vehicles (bus or truck) with 2 axles (one on the front and 1 on the rear) and a 4.5t GVM but not more than 8t gross vehicle mass (GVM)

What you can drive

  • A class C vehicle
  • A bus (not more than 8t GVM) with or without a trailer of not more than 9t GVM
  • A truck including a prime mover (more than 4.5t GVM but not more than 8t GVM) with or without a trailer of not more than 9t GVM
  • A specially constructed vehicle, including a tractor (more than 4.5t GVM but not more than 8t GVM), with or without a trailer of not more than 9t GVM.

This course equips drivers with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully drive a Light Rigid (LR) vehicle. It has been designed for those who require a Light Rigid Licence for their work, as well as for sports clubs, social clubs and schools.
On completion of this course you will be able to drive any two axle rigid vehicle, including bus and truck, not more 8 tonnes GVM. You may tow a single trailer (other than a semi trailer) not more than 9 tonne GVM or to the manufactures specifications (whichever is less).
This course is designed for drivers who wish to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to obtain a Light Rigid (LR) Drivers Licence. It is ideal for those seeking work in the transport industry driving either a truck or a bus.
Participants do not require previous heavy vehicle driving experience. Pass the practical driving test (Note:.if you pass the practical driving test, your current licence will be reissued free of charge showing the new class).

LR Licence Conditions:

  • Light Rigid B condition (LRB)

Training Information

Driving lessons per hour.

Courses: 1/2 Day, 1 Day, 2 Day

Note: As a guide to you from our prior experience, drivers upgrading to a Class LR licence on average require approximately 2-3 hours of training We do not have a minimum or a maximum number of lessons, you will only have what you need to make sure that you are test ready.

Entry Requirements

  • Participants must hold a current Queensland Car Licence
  • Have held a car licence for at least 12 months
  • Provide primary proof of identification
  • Be able to drive a car with manual transmission
  • Pay the Practical Driving Test fee
  • Complete the Queensland Transport Road Rules test
  • Wear appropriate clothing, including fully enclosed shoes or runners.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed on the following key elements of driving a heavy vehicle:

  • Pre-drive checks
  • Manoeuvres – reversing exercise (left and/or right)
  • Gear changing
  • Hill start
  • Specific driving situations
  • Vehicle operation skills
  • Hazard recognition and decision making skills

Road rules knowledge test

Heavy Vehicle Learners Questions to be undertaken at Department of Transport and Main Roads prior to practical driving test. The fee is paid direct to Department of Transport and Main Roads. You can practice the questions on the internet but you physically have to go to a Department of Transport and Main Roads customer service centre and answer 10 multiple choice questions. You must answer at least 8 out of 10 multiple choice questions correctly on the road rules for heavy vehicles. You don’t need to take this test if you already have an Australian heavy vehicle licence. Click the link and follow the link to the practice heavy vehicle questions.

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What is the test day procedure?

  • Meet a trainer at (Queensland Transport– unless otherwise arranged) for a one hour warm up session before the assessment. Bring your licence
  • It is a requirement to arrive at the Test Centre 20 minutes before test time
  • Read "A Message from your Driving Examiner"
  • Go out on test with examiner
  • While on the driving test the examiner is required to give clear and early directions. At times examiners will chat with you, and other times they may remain quite. Don't allow nerves or the examiner's personality put you off the task at hand which is to drive safely and obtain your licence
  • When the test is completed the examiner will discuss errors with you and then inform you if the test was a pass or a fail
  • If you pass, you will receive a new licence from the customer service centre when the paper work has been completed (usually 10-15 min)
  • If you fail, then another practical test will need to be done
  • Make sure you have paid any outstanding driving fines.

How long will the test go for?

The on-road driving test times for the LR vehicle licence classes are:

  • LR 30 minutes

Vehicle Type

Training and Test are conducted in an air-conditioned Mitsubishi Rosa, using a 5 Speed Manual gearbox, consequently being an easy vehicle to learn to drive.

I wish to book, what do I do next?

Contact Brisbane Driving School on 1300 752 524 or by email to discuss your training needs.

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